Marriott Headquarters’ LED Retrofit to Save $120,000 Annually, Deliver 2-Year ROI

LED retrofits at Marriott International’s headquarters in Bethesda, Md., will reduce electricity use by 860,000 kWh, or 66 percent, and save more than $120,000 in annual combined energy and maintenance costs.

The anticipated payback period for the lighting project is slightly more than two years. Energy expense savings are estimated at $104,000 per year, and maintenance mitigation at another $210,000 savings over the decade. Marriott also will receive more than $130,000 in utility rebates and EPACT savings.

Marriott chose high efficiency LED lighting systems to replace traditional 400- to 1,000-watt high-intensity discharge systems for the headquarters’ two million square feet of parking and garage space. Outdoor lots were fitted with 230 LED Area Lights, while the parking deck was fitted with 400 LED Garage Light fixtures and several LED Tunnel Light installations.

Marriott also gained the functionality to dim its new garage lighting with lighting control systems with motion sensors. The occupancy sensor will produce nearly $11,000 in energy savings and an 88,000 kWh reduction each year.

Inside the 900,000-square-foot headquarters, Marriot replaced 1,000 65-watt bulbs with 7-watt LED PAR20 lamps in all hallways. The 58-watt difference will mean a 150,000 kWh savings in electricity over 261 working days.

On the foyer’s high ceiling, which previously cost about $3,000 in annual maintenance to change lights, Marriot replaced 12 90-watt bulbs with 20-watt LED PAR38 lamps rated for 50,000 hours of life, or as long as seven years.

In the auditorium, Marriott had some halogens and some CFL lighting that could not work with the dimming system. A total of 140 12-watt LED BR30 lamps resolved the problem.

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