• Devon Dickinson
    Devon Dickinson Principal / Co-Founder

    Devon Dickinson is a successful entrepreneur residing in Chandler, AZ. Devon has been recognized for starting several start-ups; most notably Safety Services Company & National Marketing Solutions resulting in a recent nomination for Entrepreneur Of The Year by Ernest & Young in 2013. Devon has a deep rooted belief in finding opportunities in new and emerging markets with an opportunity to build out a business model that will last a lifetime. Due to this philosophy, Devon has received 7 different Inc. 5000 awards for founding and operating some of the fastest growing companies in America.

  • Shane Power
    Shane Power Principal / Co-Founder

    Shane Power, a former SEC scholar athlete of the year, has a richly diverse personal and professional background. As a former professional basketball player, Shane is a natural born leader and has deep understanding of teamwork, the importance of building relationship and servant leadership. He is a seasoned executive who has served as President for companies such as Watertree Health, where he helped them reach record breaking growth year over year growth. Today, Shane leads Business Development at Ecotec with the belief that by offering superior lighting solutions, customers can receive superior returns on their investment.

  • Tana Sheets
    Tana Sheets Regional Account Manager
  • Steve Hudson
    Steve Hudson Regional Account Manager
  • Jermond Ransom
    Jermond Ransom Business Development Executive
  • Ryan lunsford
    Ryan lunsford Business Development Executive
  • Krichelle White
    Krichelle White Project Manager

    Krichelle White, an Arizona native and graduate from Arizona State University joins the Ecotec team to continue to drive sales and sustainable culture. Since graduating with her degree in Genetics and engineering, Krichelle has worked in sales and customer relations with some of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, impacting business immediately while managing a growing market. With extensive experience in launching new products as well as engaging in a customer “centric” approach, Krichelle utilizes customer engagement to build lasting relationships that impact ever-changing markets.

  • Bill Kerr
    Bill Kerr Senior Project Manager

    Bill Kerr is a natural born entrepreneur, and problem solver with massive experience in the construction industry. He has completed over 150 public entity projects across the United States since he started his first company at the age of 18. Bill has successfully completed projects for the last 30 years with the Arizona Department Transportation, Texas Department Transportation, Utah Department Of Transportation, United States Navy, Federal Highway Transportation, Bureau Of Land Management, Colorado Springs Utilities, Bastrop County, TX, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Maricopa County Community Colleges, and many more. His industry reputation, tenacity, and extensive experience has bought priceless value to the Ecotec project management team.

  • Todd Cunningham
    Todd Cunningham Senior Project Manager

    Todd Cunningham, is a Colorado native with extensive history in construction management and electrical distribution. With over 30 successful years owning and operating general contracting companies, Todd has built houses, restaurants, retail space, office buildings, and managed large public construction projects. In the later part of his career Todd helped lead teams by managing lighting projects with CDOT, and worked directly with school districts and government agencies. His general contacting experience has provided an easy transition to overseeing and leading the project management side at Ecotec. His extensive background in management ensures that safety, efficiency, and quality are always provided to Ecotec clientele.